Dental chairs XO-Care (Denmark) and A-dec (USA)

Anatomically formed chairs that offer streamlined access for the dental team and comfort for patients.

Panoramic X-ray system from Gendex

Is designed for advanced digital X-ray scanning of both jaws including jaw joints and maxillary sinuses.

RVG Gendex

Modern high quality X-ray with Radiovisiography. Pictures of your teeth are displayed on the monitor almost immediately.

Dental Microscope OPMI pico with MORA Interface (Carl Zeiss)

Allows the dentist, thanks to a significantly better magnification and much better illumination, more accurate and thus better quality treatment.

Electronic apex locator

Is an electronic device used in endodontics to determine the length of the root canal space.

Thermaprep Furnace

Is used for filling the root canal using the Thermafil technique.


Vertical compaction of root canals with warm Guttapercha.

Mixing machine for dental amalgam and glass-ionomer cement

Mixing machine for A-silicone impression material

Dental impression alginate material mixer

Autoclave Melag

Modern sterilizer.

Ultrasound cleaner


Cautery effected by a knife or needle heated by the passage of a galvanic current.

Air Flow

Is a machine which uses a sodium bicarbonate spray to remove staining and much of the hard calculus (tartar) deposits that build up on teeth.

Intraoral camera

Enables us to show tartar and dental plaque.

Dental Loupes

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