Our efforts on new meaning to the words "standard and above-standard" can not be reconciled with how the Czech health insurance companies perceive the meaning of these words. From our experience we know that the "standard" in terms of materials, time or technology as it sees Czech health insurance companies, lags far behind what we would have chosen for us and therefore for our clients. Our center also works without contracts with health insurance companies. ours This option gives us the freedom to devote as much time as technology and the finest materials to our patients, they need to really extra special care of their health.

Initial Oral Examination

Clinical Evaluation + X-ray Screening + Proposal of Your Treatment Plan 1550 CZK

Check-ups, 2x X-ray (Bitewing)

Evaluation 800 Kč

Initial Oral Examination (Children)

Clinical Evaluation + X-ray (according the age) 750 CZK


Acorrding the age 550 - 650 CZK

Filling of the deciduous tooth

Glassionomer od 950 CZK


30 min. 950 - 1550 CZK


Amalgam from 1600 CZK

Composite (depending on size) from 950 - 4100 CZK

Root canal treatment

from 4100 to 13900 CZK


from 3690 to 12300 CZK


Metal-Ceramic Crown 9100 CZK

All-Ceramic Crown from 10050 CZK



According of difficulty 1550 - 2850 CZK



Cooperation with maxillofacial surgeons (Straumann) 20 000 CZK

Dental Hygiene (Hygienist)

1st Appointment - 70 min

Tooth Stone and Pigment Removal, Polishing, Hygienic Tutorial – Appropriate Teeth Cleaning Methods 1980 CZK

Continual Hygienic Prevention – According to the Individual Hygienic State  1540 - 1840 CZK

Children (According to Age) from 750  CZK

Teeth Whitening (in case of good dental hygiene)

Purewhitening 9900 CZK