Digital Radiovisiography and Prevention


Detailed entrance examination is necessary for the creation of the medical plan.

During the thorough examination we evaluate the state of the teeth and gums

For detailed clinical examination we have an option to use a dental microscope

Complex examination involves panoramic and detailed digital X-ray scans, which help us to find hidden interdental caries, caries located under fillings, the state of the parodont and the bone in the approximity of the teeth

During the personal interview we will tell you the possible solutions to your problem. The medical plan will not only be designed to address your medical needs, but also to meet and facilitate your time schedule as well as financial situation.

We stress the importance of the preventive checkups, during which we are able to reveal a possible problem earlier, then it evolves into a bigger issue. This is the best and also cheapest way how to care about your teeth.

Dental Hygiene

 Regular visits for dental hygiene is already essetial part of preventive dental care. Not just to improve the aesthetics of your teeth, but also to prevent tooth decay, gum disease and prolongs the life of fillings, crowns and implants.


Aesthetic Corrections


Tooth Whitening


Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment)

The aim of the treatment is to eliminate the bacterial infection of the root canals of the teeth and thereby prevent its spread to surrounding tissues. 

It consists of the machanical processing, thorough chemical cleaning and subsequent hermetic filling of root canals. To achieve increasing success of the endodontic treatment, we use a dental microscope.

Fixed Prosthodontics Ceramic, Ceramo-metalic crowns and bridges, dentures

 Dental prosthetics are used to restore function and aesthetics of the disabled or missing dental tissues. When designing the planned prosthetic work we take into account the patient's wishes and possibilities. Regular preventive check-ups and dental hygiene visits are one of the conditions for the guarantee validity.

Periodontal Disease


Oral Surgery



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