Soňa Rašková, MD

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Raskova studied Stomatology at First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague. She received her MD in 2002 and started to work in a private dentist centre in Prague where she specialized in aesthetic restorative dentistry, prosthetics and endodontics. In 2009 she and her colleague decided to open dental care centre Dentyl.

She continuously attends theoretical and practical courses with international participation. She is a member of ITI (International Team for Implanology)


Specialized Courses and Congresses:


2014 - Periodontology as a Key to Dentistry (MUDr. Jan Streblov)

2014 - 7th Annual Congress of ČADE – Oral Design – Removable Prosthodoncy

2014 - Don't Miss The Swiss - Adhesive Reconstruction of Vital and Non-vital Teeth

2014 - Improvements and Updates in a Private Dental Practice (Ing. Jiří Šusta)

2014 - Congress – Solutions of Risky Situations During Local Anesthesia

2013 - 5th Annual Congress of The Czech Endodontic Society

2013 - Pedodontics (MUDr. Katarína Cyprichová)

2013 - Zirkonia Session

2013 - Photography for Dentists (MUDr. Martin Tomeček)

2013 - New Trends in Root Canal Treatment, Single-file RCT, Newtron Technology, RCT from A to Z (Doc. MUDr. Luděk Peřinka, CSc.)

2013 -  Indirect Composite Onlay (Italdent s.r.o.)

2012 - Advances in Surgical Endodontics (Arnoldo Castellucci, MD, DDS)

2012 - “Are You Organized and Professional?”(Italdent s.r.o.)

2012 – Surgical and Prosthetic Implantology Course: The Treatment of Esthetic Areas with Dental Implants - Live Surgery (Dr. Krug, Dr. Procházka)

2012 - Microscope Integration into Endodontics from the Perspective of Management, Marketing and Economics (Dr. Jiří Škrdlant)

Dr. Raskova attended many special theoretical and practical courses in Czech Republic and abroad.

2012 - Clinical Treatment of Periimplantitis and Gingival Recessions (Dr. med. dent. Otto Zuhr)

2012 - 4th Annual Congress of Czech Endodontic Society

2011 - 5th Annual Congress of Czech Academy of Dental Esthetics 2012 – Materials and Technology in Dental Esthetics

2011 - Hradec Dental Educational Institute, Hradec Králové – Periodontology (Dr. med. Jan Streblov)

2011 - Problematic Cases in Periodontal Treatment – IKEM (prof. Dr. med. Peter Eickholz)

2011 - First Aid in Dental Practice (MUDr. Vladivoj Tuzar)

2011 - 4th Annual Congress of Czech Academy of Dental Esthetics 2011 – Minimal Invasive Esthetics

2011 - Novelties and Trends in Endodontics (Dr. Boaz Shay)

2011 - Successful Endodontics in Everyday Practice – IKEM (prof. Dr. med. dent M. Hulsmann)

2010 - Endodontic Symposium (prof. Shimon Friedman)

2010 - 3rd Annual Congress of Czech Academy of Dental Esthetics 2010 - Team Collaboration

2010 - 2nd Annual Congress of Czech Endodontic Society

2010 - A Bit Different Prosthetics (MUDr. Petr Barták)

2010 - Mini-implants According to Sendaxe (MUDr. Petr Barták)

2010 - Endodontics in Everyday Practice – IKEM (prof. Dr. med. dent M. Hulsmann)

2009 - Congress of Czech Academy of Dental Esthetics - Harmony Smile (D. Massironi, N. Bichacho, A. Waning, M. Cevallos...)

2008 - Postendodontic Tooth Restorations (Prof. Dr. med. dent. D. Edelhoff)

2008 - Aesthetics in Parodontology, Restorative Stomatology and Implantology (Dr. med. dent. W. Westermann)

2008 - Congress of Czech Academy of Dental Esthetics – Smile through New Technologies (Dr. Fradeani, Dr. Nathanson)

2004, 2003, 2002 – Prague Dental Days

2002 - ICDE - Adhesive Restorations (Dr. G. Unterbrink)

2000 - Month-long internship at the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery, University de la Laguna in Tenerife, Spain. In addition, she also participated in a private implantology practice also located in Tenerife (Dr. Pablo Furelos Toral).

I chose stomatology because…
It links medicine, precise craft and art creativity.

What do you consider to be the goal of your work?
Above all, my goal is the satisfaction of patients returning due to a strong established sense of trust.

What I love about my work…
Great variety, which is not only meant in regards to the work itself. I am meeting many people of different ages and different characters. This variety leads to many different opinions on what is healthy, clean and beautiful.

Family or career?
As a mother I seek to find almost an unrivaled balance between family and career.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
It is not good to set yourself small goals. I would like to build a functional practice with a well coordinated team which will be in touch with new technologies and new surgical techniques.

What would you like to tell your patients?
I want to relieve their pain and worries and take part in the experience of their satisfied smile.

What qualities should a doctor have?
Precision, honesty, empathy and a continuous interest in the medical field are amongst those qualities which as doctors we must keep on striving for.

What are your hobbies and interests?
My greatest interest is my family. I love the mountains at any time of the year, skiing, yoga, dance and culture.

What is the best form of relaxation for you?
Meeting my friends, walks and listening to music.