Kateřina Bardiovská, MD

Dr. Bardiovska Tylova was born and raised in Prague where she studied stomatology at the First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, where she received her MUDr.

During her studies, she focused on aesthetic and restorative dentistry. Her research focusing on controlled tissue regeneration in dentistry was among top ten at First Student Scientific Conference in Prague. Attending many advanced continuing courses (Lichtenstein, Egypt) has helped Dr. Bardiovska Tylova to further improve her knowledge and skills. After graduation, she began her career in private dental clinic in Prague. In that period she has also started with her publishing activities.

In 2006 Dr. Bardiovska Tylova opened her own office in another Prague's dentistry Dentaktiv, where she continued to specialize in endodontics and aesthetic dentistry. And in 2009, she  opened dental care centre Dentyl.


Dr. Bardiovska Tylova is married. She speaks English and has treated many international patients. Her hobbies and interests have included architecture, design, dancing and painting. She also enjoys long walks with her golden retriever “Friday”.


I choose stomatology because…

It is the field full of manual work where the medical treatment goes together with esthetic and at the same time the psychology is very important. I like the connection of these aspects of my work

What do you consider to be the goal of your work?

My aim is the satisfaction of my patient and my own satisfaction with the result of my work.

What I love about my work…

Personal contact with people, especially the fact that I can help patients with their health or with their self-confidence.

Family or career?

Harmonious and firm family background allows me to devote myself to my work and it helps me to achieve results I am satisfied with.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

My goal is to create medical center where all my clients will be happy to return, where they will receive the most modern care and they will visit it without fear (not only adults, but children as well). This aim is to be followed the whole life and will demand everyday effort.

What qualities should a doctor have?

There are many qualities, but most of all: exactness, reliability, diligence, empathy and ability to learn from the mistakes (own or others). Nobody is perfect but we should seek perfection or at least come closer to it…

What is the best form of relaxation for you?

The things that charge me most are walks in nature with our dog.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I do not have a lot of time left for my interests, but I love to paint, I am interested in architecture and design. Dance is something that follows me since my childhood. Traveling and exploring of other cultures is one of the most beautiful experiences for me.

What would you like to tell your patients?

I am looking forward to you very much. And do not forget: prevention is the best, healthiest and cheapest care of your teeth.